About Tactile Health

The mission of Tactile Heath is to become a leading international medical device and clinical testing company in the field of somato-sensory disorders and diseases. These disorders embrace two principle areas: 1) loss of touch sensation (found in disorders known as neuropathies), and 2) a group of common disorders involving excessive tenderness of the body causing mechanical pain (i.e. pain in which there is an abnormal mechanical tenderness) such as fibromyalgia.

There is a strong need for more accurate earlier diagnosis and therapy for neuropathies and chronic mechanical pain disorders. Recent studies show that a delay in the diagnosis of fibromyalgia is creating large unnecessary health costs as doctors try out medications and patients run the gamut searching for answers. The early diagnosis of neuropathy in diabetics is needed to trigger early foot treatment so as to forestall amputation.

Our Team

Dr. Mark Doidge, MD, Founder and CEO

Dr. Doidge is a medical doctor based in Toronto, Ontario. He is a former ‘National Practice of Excellence’ award winner for physicians in Canada, given in recognition for starting an international relief organization: Canadian Physicians for Aid Relief. This organization brought assistance to 2.5 million people in 7 countries during his tenure. His many years of front line experience with patients convinced him of the necessity to design a new product that was affordable, non-invasive, and could objectively measure brain activity.

Dr. Doidge is not a newcomer to high technology, as he was deeply involved in the conceptualization and planning of one of the most successful high technology projects in Canada: the Northern Ontario Remote Telecommunications Health Network. Dr. Doidge first conceptualized this network, coined the name, co-authored the first feasibility study and recruited its developer and leader, Dr. Edward Brown. The project went on to win both national and international technology awards, including the CANARIE in 2003, and has raised in excess of 30 million dollars. The vision set forth by Dr. Doidge and Dr. Brown in the original study has largely been realized. It was recently expanded from a Northern Network to a provincial network.