Fields Mitacs Undergraduate Summer Research Program and Cerebral Diagnistics

Between July 3rd to August 24th 2012, The Fields Institute in collaboration with Mitacs hosted an Undergraduate Summer Reseach Program. To allow 30+ students to take part in research projects supervised by leading scientists. Five students; Bilal Abbasi, Carrie Bragnalo, Feng Chi, Jiho Han, Iryna Sivak, was supervised by Dr.Nicholas Hoell and Dr.Adrian Nachman to tackle "EEG Inverse Problem", and its application to medical imaging. The summary of their findings can be seen in the power point presentation below, as well as thier presentation during their mini-conference talk on August 22nd 2012. We worked very closely with the students to try and improve our existing source localization algorithm in order for our software, DECI, to be more accurate. The group specifically looked at improving source localization using Adjoint Method and using Bayesian approach and eLoreta.

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